Students’ First Blog Posts

The children wrote their first blog posts on Friday. To introduce the idea of blogging, I reminded them the role they play in the Sugar Labs community, i.e., as Q. A. engineers. “Testers,” they confirmed. I informed them that one of their jobs as QA engineers to communicate with others in the Sugar Labs community about what they are doing and thinking. Then I said that the usual mode of communication would be via blogging. What is a blog? I told them that the word “blog” is a word that people invented to mean a “web log.” “What is the web?” “What is a log?” In very simple terms, I explained the term “web” with a drawing on the white board that shows that the web is an interconnected computer network running on the internet. I asked them what “log” means. One student said, “The part of the tree that gets chopped.” Another said, “Oh, when you are waterlogged!” A third child said, “When you are on the computer and have to ‘log in’ and give your password.” For each of these responses, I confirmed the definition they supplied and pointed out that a word can mean more than one thing. Finally, I told them that ‘log’ also means a journal, or to record events in writing. The children are familiar with journals because they already maintain one. Then I said that people constantly invent words, and this is an example of one. Then I wrote “web + log – we = blog.” I showed them my blog, and told them that they are going to have their own blog. A fresh burst of excitement erupted. I brought out the blog paper (a form) on which they will write down their post and explained the process. A still silence replaced their loudness. “Another writing task?” They seemed to ask with their inquiring eyes. I walked them through each part of the blog paper. When they heard that they can insert images or videos or music into their blogs, they sprung to life again, and wanted to insert one right away. I handed out a sheet of blog paper to eager hands. “Tell a little bit about yourself, or what you have done, or what your are thinking or feeling about this project,” I suggested. They got to work, not totally knowing what to say at first, and coming up with a sentence or two that satisfied them.


2 thoughts on “Students’ First Blog Posts

    • I am posting the children’s blog as I respond to this comment. You can see it at Click on blogs.
      Wow! My students and I are just starting on this adventure, and this is definitely a high interest endeavor. They ask me everyday when they will get their hands on their sugar. Thanks for the encouragement!

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