Notes on last week’s test image Activities. These should be turned into bug reports.

  1. Record does not appear to work on this image with our netbook. The load icon keeps on blinking but the Activity does not start. We should take it off the image until we can test it.
  2. Moon works, but just shows static information – the kids will probably be confused as to what they should do with it.
  3. Flipsticks – lesson plan 1 is truncated. (“…it will turn pink so you” – and then it suddenly stops.)

The scrollbars in the Sugar interface (for instance, scrolling through Journal items) is too narrow for little kids to click effectively.

Additional notes 2/24/10:

  1. Might also have optical mouse available to meet needs of children with different levels of fine motor skills.
  2. Have blog journal. Might insert prototype. post journal page
  3. Will look at Sugar activities this weekend.
  4. Fourth graders at CFS are also Sugar users using XO laptops. One of the fourth grade teacher and I are thinking of using the Sugar pilot as another experience that fourth graders and first graders share (they are buddy classrooms). Right now, I suggested that the fourth graders will serve as a resource for Sugar activities since they have been using them since school began. Fourth grade teacher suggested that we have a message box where the first graders can drop off notes to their buddies when they have questions or any discoveries to share. Also talking about having a fourth graders “play” with their buddies using Sugar activities.
  5. Thinking of either doing a chat or webcam communication with Sebastian when we introduce Sugar on a Stick to my students. More concrete would be better. Introduced notion of “satellite” today.

4 thoughts on “Notes

  1. Hi, if you do have any specific feature suggestions to make Moon more interactive, please do file a feature request over at (set the ‘component:’ to Moon, and ‘type:’ to enhancement). I have a bunch of possible additions (crater/feature naming quiz; saving the current image to Journal so you can use it as a picture in other activities; interesting features display; allow taking observation notes; lunar calendar view) – but feedback from the field would help.

    • Thanks. Will include Moon activity on the home screen of the laptops my first graders will be using and they can offer you feedback.

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