Sugar Mission Statement

Quoted from Sugar Labs mission statement:

“Sugar is based on the following principles:

  • everyone is a teacher and a learner;
  • humans by their nature are social beings;
  • humans by their nature are expressive;
  • you learn through doing; and
  • love is a better master than duty”

To these principles, I say Yes! I think it is important for my students to know that Sugar is based on these principles. I want them to think whether or not  these principles are compatible with their own thinking about themselves as learners, and about learning.  I see how these principles connect to the Quaker principles of our school. Will they? They need not offer a response right away but this question or query would be one that I will revisit often with them. They are learning how to learn and grow, and I am learning how to facilitate that process more efffectively.


One thought on “Sugar Mission Statement

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